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A Lightweight, Easy-To-Move Planter For Your Deck Or Patio
Made to hold 10-inch or 12-inch clay pots, this planter lets you remove your plants for easy re-location or switch from plant-to-plant without digging or making a mess !

Looking to dress up your deck, patio or front porch with some greenery, but don’t want to hire a landscape designer or pay the hefty retail prices stores want for wooden planters?

This handsome redwood planter (or even a few of them) is just what you’ve been wanting.  PLUS -- Since your plants will be growing in your choice of 10-inch or 12-inch clay pots, suspended from the top of the planter, (you can alter the dimensions to hold much larger pots, if you like), you can remove your plants and move the lightweight planters from location to location without soiling your deck . . . or change the plants you have on display without having to re-pot them.

Step 1: Buy your pots. It’s best to purchase the pots you’re planing to use before you start work. Measure the height and outside diameter of the pot’s lip, at the top. You’ll be using these dimensions frequently once you get started on construction. We recommend that you purchase natural, un-glazed terra cotta pots, since they allow the roots of your plants to “breathe” efficiently. 

At the lumberyard: The dimensions included in this plan are for a 10-inch or 12-inch pot, but you can make a planter to hold any size pot you like. You’ll just have to adjust your other planter dimensions accordingly. For our planter, you’ll need two 8-foot 2 x 4’s, one 4-foot 1 x 10 and four 8-foot 1 x 4’s (for a 10-inch pot). If you’re planning to use a 12-inch pot, you’ll need four 8-foot 1 x 6’s instead of 1 x 4’s.
We made our planter out of redwood. But Western Red Cedar or Cypress are a couple of other great choices, since they’re also well suited to outdoor use. You’ll also need to buy the hardware listed in the Bill of Materials.


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